Adult Swim Humble Bundle

August 28, 2014

The Adult Swim Humble Bundle is LIVE! Jazzpunk, Volgarr, Soundodger, Super House of Dead Ninjas, Westerado, Super Comboman, Super Puzzle Platformer, and, of course, Fist Puncher! You have ONE WEEK to get all of these games for a super low price AND give some money to charity. Huge high five to everyone at Adult Swim, the people at Humble, and all of the other talented developers for making this happen. Now go and get yourself a bundle of games.

Fist Puncher 50% off on OUYA

August 26, 2014

That game we made called Fist Puncher is 50% off on your friendly neighborhood OUYA for the next week. Tasing, cow throwing, bike chases… all that stuff… and some other stuff that’s equally weird. Get it now, and we’ll forgive you for everything else you’ve done with your life.

Reagan Gorbachev Nearing Completion

July 22, 2014

The summer is racing by, and we’re nearing completion of our latest game, Reagan Gorbachev. For those out of the loop, Reagan Gorbachev is a cooperative stealth game set in an alternate ’80s timeline (think 2P Hotline Miami). Players take control of the iconic leaders as they puzzle (and sometimes shoot or stab) their way through 32 stealth levels. We just wrapped up the final beta version so Reagan Gorbachev will be out shortly as an OUYA exclusive title. So fire up those OUYA consoles, put on some Hall and Oates (you know, because it’s the ’80s), and start the swatch watch countdown for Reagan Gorbachev.

The MIX at E3

June 10, 2014

E3 is upon us. We’re still up in the Bay doing all the manly things we do (making games, slinging around axes, lifting heavy weights), but our latest game, Reagan Gorbachev, WILL be at E3 down in smoggy LA (Sorry, LA. I couldn’t resist). Tonight Reagan Gorbachev will be showing at the MIX, a private, press-meets-indies showcase. Hopefully we’ll have more to report (and even some pics if we’re lucky). That’s all for now.

Fist Puncher now on Mac and Linux

May 22, 2014

Mac and Linux support for Fist Puncher is now live. Sorry it took so long, but we’re happy to announce that with much blood and sweat and with many tears we completed the port to Mac and Linux. Actually, we just found the amazing flibitijibibo, and he made the port happen while we twiddled our thumbs and drank root beer. We also updated the standard release and added two more characters (that makes 20 in all including the Robot Unicorn Attack add-on character). Finally all of you classy Mac users and handsome Linux people can punch a bagillion dudes in the face. Wander over to Steam and check it out.

Fist Puncher OUYA Sale

May 12, 2014

Remember Fist Puncher? That game about vigilantes, throwing bees, nude beaches, ninja golf, and ostrich chases? In case you forgot, here’s a trailer:

But let’s get to the point. Right now Fist Puncher is on sale on the OUYA console. It’s 30% off. That means it’s not even 7 bucks. Less money than you probably spend getting a soda and a sandwich at Subway. So if you haven’t fired up your OUYA in a while, plug ‘er in, push the power button, and get yourself some Fist Puncher. What else are you going to do with your time? Read a book?

Design3 Interview from GDC

April 21, 2014

We had some time at GDC to yap it up on the expo floor with the friendly people from Design3. We talked about our upcoming game Reagan Gorbachev, Fist Puncher, working with OUYA, making games in Unity, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Click below for the interview.

A Couple of Podcasts

April 18, 2014

Before we forget, here are a couple of podcasts that we squeezed in the past few weeks. First up is a Press Pause Radio podcast. It’s a sort of GDC cool down chat that we recorded on the last day of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. We’ve been friends with the gang from Press Pause for a couple of years so it was nice to finally grab some time and rap about games with their crew.

The second one is from Go For Rainbow – Jake sat down and talked about OUYA, Fist Puncher, and our upcoming game, Reagan Gorbachev. Enjoy!

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